Paint Chip & Scratch Repair in Red Deer, AB

At Dustbusters Auto Detailing, we offer professional paint chip repair services in Red Deer, Alberta to restore your vehicle’s paint to its former glory. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques to fix unsightly paint chips and protect your car’s finish from further damage. Don’t let paint chips mar the beauty of your vehicle any longer. Call us at +1 403-358-1354 or visit us at 524 Laura Ave, 105, AB T4E 0A5, for expert paint chip repair solutions.

Paint chip repair: What Is It?

Paint chip repair is a process of fixing small, damaged areas on a vehicle’s paint caused by rock chips, road debris, or other minor impacts. It involves cleaning the chip, applying touch-up paint or a specialized paint repair system to match the vehicle’s original color, and sealing the area with clear coat. The repair restores the paint’s appearance, preventing further damage and preserving the car’s overall aesthetics.

What Is The Importance Of Paint Chip Repair

Paint chip repair is essential for the following reasons:

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Improved Aesthetics

Paint chip repair restores the vehicle’s appearance by eliminating unsightly blemishes and preserving its original paint color, enhancing its overall look and curb appeal.

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Prevents Rust

Repairing paint chips promptly prevents moisture and contaminants from reaching the metal surface, minimizing the risk of rust formation and preserving the car’s structural integrity.

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Addressing paint chips early on is more cost-effective than letting them escalate into larger areas of paint damage, which could lead to expensive repainting or corrosion repairs.

Introduction about Central Alberta’s Chipmaster

Dustbusters Auto Detailing is Central Alberta’s proud franchisee of Chipmaster, a nationally recognized auto detailing company. With Chipmaster, we offer premium chip and scratch repair services that meet the rigorous standards of new car dealerships for enhancing the presentation of pre-owned vehicles. Trust us for high-quality results that make your car look like new.

Paint Chip Repair Package

Due to the nature of the paint chip & scratch repair process, the variety of problems its dealing with and in order to accurately quote the job – the professionals at Dustbusters Auto Detailing must see the vehicle prior to providing an estimates. Book your exclusive appointment now and see what we can do to bring that paint back to life!

Starting at $100

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How long does paint chip repair take?

The time required for paint chip repair depends on the number and severity of chips. Generally, individual repairs can take 30 minutes to an hour. For multiple chips or extensive damage, the process may take a few hours or more.

Will the repaired paint chip be as durable as the original paint?

When done professionally, paint chip repair can be quite durable. Quality touch-up paint and clear coat ensure the repair withstands normal wear and tear. However, it may not be as durable as the original factory paint, making preventive measures important to avoid further chips and damage.

Can paint chip repair completely hide the chip?

While paint chip repair can significantly improve the appearance of the chip, it may not be completely invisible. Skilled technicians can match the paint color closely, making the repair less noticeable, but factors like chip size and location may impact the final result.

Don’t let paint chips spoil your car’s appearance! Visit Dustbusters Auto Detailing for expert paint chip repair services in Red Deer, Alberta. Our skilled technicians will restore your vehicle’s paint and protect it from further damage. Call us at +1 403-358-1354 or drop by our location at 524 Laura Ave, 105, AB T4E 0A5, to give your car the attention it deserves!

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Dustbusters provides a full professional line of services to get your vehicle back looking its best!

Auto Detailing

Dustbusters Auto Detailing in Red Deer will get your vehicle back to looking like it belongs in a showroom. Our thorough cleaning procedures are available for any automobile – whether it be a car, truck, SUV, boat or RV.

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Dustbusters is the only certified GTECHNIQ installation facility in Central Alberta. Don’t settle for other mediocre ceramic coating products. We are certified and GUARANTEE all our GTECHNIQ ceramic coating installations.

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Paint correction is a process used to ride the surface or any scratches or swirls that have developed in the clear coat. Once the imperfections are removed, Dustbusters detail experts will seal it with wax, or GTECHNIQ ceramic coating if you prefer.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

XPEL Ultimate Plus™ Paint Protection Film is a virtually invisible urethane layer that protects your vehicle’s paint from unsightly damage and maximizes re-sale value. Dustbusters is a certified installation facility in Central Alberta.

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